Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Anniversary!!!!

Hey well as most of you already know yesturday was Jack and I's first year wedding aniversary. We had a very awesome day together. In the morning he woke up before me and got me my all time favorite breakfast of Burger King cini mini's. I love them they are so good but not really good for you. Then we did a walk jog. Jack jogged and I walked our dog Lily and the neighbor dog George. Just a little side note: Lily is doing very good, she sleeps all night, has just started training and can sit, a anwser to her name, and knows the word No. We are still working on potty training and the barking. She is an amazing addition to our family and Im sure that God picked this dog for me. After our exercise, we turned in our financel aid and I only have to pay 34 dollars for all my classes next semester. Then we went to the bank and then Jack was great and went mall walking with me and he was very patient. In the mall I bought and new pink collar and a blue cow for Lily. I also got a shirt that says security on the back. I put up a picture later. Jack also purchased a new watch and I up graded my rings. Pictures will come soon. We also at lunch at Olive Garden with was wonderful as usual. When ate dinner at Macoroni Grill with Mom and I got to take a nap not in that order. Lily had dog training too so we split up for that. After class, Jack and I cut into our One year old wedding cake. The cake was pretty good and we will always have the memories. I am still so much in love with my Jack. He is very supportive and really caress for me. I am so blessed to have found him and for him to be my Husband. On another side note Jack has a new calling as the Cub Scout Bear leader. Jack doesn't show it that much on the outside But I think he is really excited. We are also signed up to take the Temple prep classes this summer. So in the end life is good just fabulously. School has two weeks left and then off to West Virginia. We miss our far away family and Think of you guys often. Love all.