Thursday, May 8, 2008

We have Sunflowers!!

My sunflowers have finally bloomed and they are little but beautiful!!!

Oh Happy Days!!!

I have been working in the kitchen for two straight days and my arm is sore. On Tuesday I had my Tastfully Simple party. So I woke up at 8 30 and started by making bread, which I never want to do again. Each step in the process takes time. And while the bread was rising I made six different dips, which eguals more stirring. Then I made three loafs of bread and two cheese balls. I really like the food but I wouldn't recommend making all the food in one day. The same day I also tried to donate blood but I had not eatten very well and my iron wasn't high enough so I only was able to register to be a bone marrow donator. The party was a good time and I was able to inform some people of a company they hadn't heard of. This is the bread dip holder I made, it turned out pretty good.
I also made a cake that day because i like to over load myself and accomplish a bunch. The cake didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to but it was ok. There was suppose to be a bow on the top but that was a mess, so here is the end product.
Then the next day was my Friend Nicole's Birthday and again I was making a cake. I really enjoy making cakes and Im glad that I have reasons to make them.

Thats the end of my two day cook-a-thon?

We also got a new camera of cousre. Its a little slower but Its a camera and It works.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Im so sad. I lost my camera. Im making another cake and My first sunflower has bloomed and I can't even take a picture. So three more weeks of school and life is good. Hey sister in law could you guys send me those pictures I would appricate it. Thanks I love you guys.

I could really go for an Hawaiian Texasan shaved ice thingy.