Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day #2

I am so blessed that I have someone to love one Valentines day. The day didn't start out to loving since both of us had to work all day and night. After work I rushed home and made two batches of cupcakes since I burn the first batch and cooked a pizza for my Jack's dinner. I decided to cut the pizza into heart shapes and the cupcakes were pink of course he was so happy that he ran out to get gas and stop to get me a very cute card. Oh Im glad I married a romantic(hahaha). If you know Jack he's not the romaatic but I love him any ways. I think as long as I never question whether or not he loves me I am a lucky woman. School has been very busy and then we also have work which is getting more demanding. I am interviewing for the last time hopefully, tomorrow for a superviser position and a pay raise so I don't see a calmness anytime soon. I miss all my family so far away. Love you all and I hope your Valentines day was filled with love. Also adding a picture of my new hair cut tell me what you think.