Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Vacation!!

Jack and I went to West Virginia this summer and I have been behind. I have awesome memories of cooking, sewing, and farm life. I learned how to feed and take care of animals, make butter, soap, and many crafty things. I also learned need to have God in my life from my grandma and my hard working and sudborness from my grnadma. I love all tha I have learned from my trips to the farm and was very excited to share them with Jack. He wasn't as excited as I was but how could he, he didn' t know what to expect. I know that he had a good time and especially enjoied the time off. Here are some of the picture I took.

The barn is in the center of the side yard its the first thing you see when you go outside.
This is the upper chicken coupe, where the ducks live and the injured animals.
And this is the lower chicken coupe where there are lots of chickens and eggs of course.
Old rusty horse shoes, chickens and ducks.
This is the oppistie side of the house and the four car garage. My grandpa built this garage and laid the drive way. It is beautiful.

Jack learned and drove the tracker around the farm
This is my grandparents old dog that is have problems with cancer but he is an awesome dog.
The kitchen is small but we love working close together.
This is the town liberary. It s moblie home and very cute.
These are Jack's legs after his first day of weed eatting.