Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandpa re- posted

So awhile ago I blogged about my Grandpa being very sick. He has since then passed away. I have deleted the earlier blog because My sister informed me that the baby in the picture was not me and was in fact my sister. She always finds a way to at me. So I would like to write the same message and I will add a picture later when I find one that is surly me.

So after a week of worrying about my Grandpa and his health we have finally gotten the news that my Grandfather will be going home tomorrow...Yeah!!! My Grandpa is the strongest man I know. He is a family man who served in the Navy to support and provide for his family. He has taught me valuable lessons like respecting adults, no chewing gum, elbows off the table, and he also taught me to be a pretty good shot with a 22 rifle once I figured out which eye to close. He has given our whole family his great sense of humor and he is loved by us all. He is an amazing man and I am blessed to be in his family.

I love you very much Grandpa and you will always be a huge part of our family.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So many things!!!!

Life for Jack and I have been pretty busy. We both go to school a lot and work a lot too!!! In school I am in an art class where I am making pretty interesting projects. Math is going well and Jack is really enjoying his Biology class so we won't talk about his math class.
I am in the process switching stores. I will be moving from the Cerritos store to the Cypress. I will still be doing the same job just with different people. I am excited for the change but I will miss my friends.
One of my favorite activities is to take Lily outside and let her run around with the other dogs on the block. It is so funny to see the small dog and the big dogs running around with each other. All the neighbors get a good kick out of how Lily knows just how move not to get run over. Well most of the time.

We had super Saturday at church the other day and I had a blast. I made a wooden sign with Our last name on it and also learned to etch our last name in the bottom of glass pans. I really enjoy crafts.

I started my volunteering with a program in Long Beach where I mentor a child once a week for ten weeks. I am glad I'm doing this. It was fun we made bracelets and a magazine collage.
Jack is still a bike maniac. He is super skinny. He loves sweating and breathing heavy, I guess.

My uncle Albert Had his 50Th birthday and my Cousin Jenny threw him a surprise birthday party and it was awesome. Besides the expression on he his face my favorite part was that I got to be with all my cousins on my mom's side. We are going up so fast.

Jack also had a birthday I forgot to blog about. We had a good time. We got some of his friends from work and we all went rock climbing. I was able to climb up three walls which amazed me, and of course Jack was good at it. We also went out and had a good dinner and his is now 25 which means he can finally rent his very own car. Yeah.. I love him so much...
Jack and I are also looking for our first house. We are about twenty days until we go into escrow if all works out. I am excited for a new experience. We will keep posting as it all becomes more real.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Week Together!!!

Since my mom went to West Virginia for a week it gave Jack and I a chance to play house. I have decided that I really like being grown up and taking care of myself and our home. I want so much to me a house wife. We have a very eventful week. Of course we still worked full time so the things we did were limited. We went to six flags on Tuesday which was our two year anniversary. We had a great time, got exercise, sun and had a lot of fun. We rode all the big rides until I felt sick but of course it was worth it. We also had a romantic dinner together with of course candle light. Here are the pictures I took plus pictures of Jack on his new bike, with his dad and brother Dave.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy but not doing much.

Life here has been extremely busy, but not really fun. Work is still doing good even though that is where we spend most of our time. School has about two weeks left and then that should free up some time. Mostly I have pictures of how cute my puppy can be. So my husband is pretty cute he even got me flowers last week. I really do love him. We have dine a little house hunting but nothing yet in or price range and that will let us keep Lily.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Life in a Flash!!!!

Life here in the California Holler home has been very busy of course. Ashley went to her first womens conference and had a great time doing service and eatting lots of good food. I also enjoyed spending time with just the girls and taking a break form school and work. As soon as I got back from Utah I had to jump right back in to work and it was soon finals time at school. We have sence finished our finals and this school semester.Summer school starts soon so Im resting while we can. I have make three cakes for people and made some spending cash. Im also getting more skilled in my decorating with is good for me plus its a change from essay writing and office max.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day #2

I am so blessed that I have someone to love one Valentines day. The day didn't start out to loving since both of us had to work all day and night. After work I rushed home and made two batches of cupcakes since I burn the first batch and cooked a pizza for my Jack's dinner. I decided to cut the pizza into heart shapes and the cupcakes were pink of course he was so happy that he ran out to get gas and stop to get me a very cute card. Oh Im glad I married a romantic(hahaha). If you know Jack he's not the romaatic but I love him any ways. I think as long as I never question whether or not he loves me I am a lucky woman. School has been very busy and then we also have work which is getting more demanding. I am interviewing for the last time hopefully, tomorrow for a superviser position and a pay raise so I don't see a calmness anytime soon. I miss all my family so far away. Love you all and I hope your Valentines day was filled with love. Also adding a picture of my new hair cut tell me what you think.