Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandpa re- posted

So awhile ago I blogged about my Grandpa being very sick. He has since then passed away. I have deleted the earlier blog because My sister informed me that the baby in the picture was not me and was in fact my sister. She always finds a way to at me. So I would like to write the same message and I will add a picture later when I find one that is surly me.

So after a week of worrying about my Grandpa and his health we have finally gotten the news that my Grandfather will be going home tomorrow...Yeah!!! My Grandpa is the strongest man I know. He is a family man who served in the Navy to support and provide for his family. He has taught me valuable lessons like respecting adults, no chewing gum, elbows off the table, and he also taught me to be a pretty good shot with a 22 rifle once I figured out which eye to close. He has given our whole family his great sense of humor and he is loved by us all. He is an amazing man and I am blessed to be in his family.

I love you very much Grandpa and you will always be a huge part of our family.

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