Sunday, October 4, 2009

So many things!!!!

Life for Jack and I have been pretty busy. We both go to school a lot and work a lot too!!! In school I am in an art class where I am making pretty interesting projects. Math is going well and Jack is really enjoying his Biology class so we won't talk about his math class.
I am in the process switching stores. I will be moving from the Cerritos store to the Cypress. I will still be doing the same job just with different people. I am excited for the change but I will miss my friends.
One of my favorite activities is to take Lily outside and let her run around with the other dogs on the block. It is so funny to see the small dog and the big dogs running around with each other. All the neighbors get a good kick out of how Lily knows just how move not to get run over. Well most of the time.

We had super Saturday at church the other day and I had a blast. I made a wooden sign with Our last name on it and also learned to etch our last name in the bottom of glass pans. I really enjoy crafts.

I started my volunteering with a program in Long Beach where I mentor a child once a week for ten weeks. I am glad I'm doing this. It was fun we made bracelets and a magazine collage.
Jack is still a bike maniac. He is super skinny. He loves sweating and breathing heavy, I guess.

My uncle Albert Had his 50Th birthday and my Cousin Jenny threw him a surprise birthday party and it was awesome. Besides the expression on he his face my favorite part was that I got to be with all my cousins on my mom's side. We are going up so fast.

Jack also had a birthday I forgot to blog about. We had a good time. We got some of his friends from work and we all went rock climbing. I was able to climb up three walls which amazed me, and of course Jack was good at it. We also went out and had a good dinner and his is now 25 which means he can finally rent his very own car. Yeah.. I love him so much...
Jack and I are also looking for our first house. We are about twenty days until we go into escrow if all works out. I am excited for a new experience. We will keep posting as it all becomes more real.

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Marylin said...

Look at you blogging twice in less than 6 months! I am loving it keep it up!! It makes me feel closer to you both!! Thanks for posting the pics!! I must admit it's funny to see Holler on stuff and it not belong to my Mom and Dad LOL! Maybe one day when you aren't both so busy you could come visit!!