Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Week Together!!!

Since my mom went to West Virginia for a week it gave Jack and I a chance to play house. I have decided that I really like being grown up and taking care of myself and our home. I want so much to me a house wife. We have a very eventful week. Of course we still worked full time so the things we did were limited. We went to six flags on Tuesday which was our two year anniversary. We had a great time, got exercise, sun and had a lot of fun. We rode all the big rides until I felt sick but of course it was worth it. We also had a romantic dinner together with of course candle light. Here are the pictures I took plus pictures of Jack on his new bike, with his dad and brother Dave.


Amy said...

The sunflowers on the romantic table are beautiful. I am so glad you shared your happy self.

Holly said...

I loaded your blog up and Emma was excited to see you guys. She thinks your wedding dress is beautiful.