Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Don't Always Get To Pick Who You Share Your House With!

For the last few months Jack and I have been experiencing all that people experience when they move in to their first house. We have been embarcing the cold because we don't want to play for the heater in our gas bill, we have adjusted to having to do our own dishes and laundry, and we have even enjoyed planting our first garden together. Right now we are realizing that because we have so many different types of plants in our yard we are getting a lot of different types of bugs inside the house. Now anyone who knows my husband knows that he is not the might bug fighter. He hates bugs in the house. I hear at least three times a day " Ashley!!!!....come get it!! I am getting a little worried because I did here him having a conversation with a spider in our bedroom the other day. I will keep everyone posted on my husbands health.

P.S. I always like including pictures with my blog even if they are posed. I asked Jack to give me a scared face and this is what I got. It was too funny not to post it.

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Marylin said...

Yuck! I hate spiders too but I enjoy killing them!! Jack is such a sissy!!